Capt. Michael Riha re-enlists Spc. Rodriguez on top of Ghar Mountain at Kabul Military Training Center in Kabul, Afghanistan. Soldiers from Delta Security Force made the early morning climb to re-enlist four Soldiers.

My Fellow Americans, I am not a big politician but I am American taxi politician. I feel like I am not American taxi driver but it seems like I am international driver because I’ve been driving American people and international people from Washington Dulles Airport. Fortunately, I get along with my passengers very well. Any passenger I spoke with American or foreigner, when I ask them about their dreams of the country then my passengers bring up “what’s in it for them?” Which is for me very shocking and hard to find people all over the world have no concern for their country. What’s in it for our country or countries? So many Americans don’t accept me as an American because I look different. I’ve been dealing with it over 28 years and doesn’t bother me a bit because my country America accepted me as an American citizen that’s why I am standing for a country who accepted me. Now it’s my job to show the American people what I’m willing to do for a very special country. I want to remind every single American reason our division. The reason is that we have no dreams about America and we have all dreams from America. It seems like we are on one way path and which seems wrong to me. This is the only reason, that I am doing the best to cure the problem. The problem is not with the system but the problem is coming from the American people. American people work very hard to resolve their personal issues and life matters but they put in everything into our leaders hand to control the country. There is so much that our leaders can do and they are doing their job as hard as possible. My mission is to get involved with American people to remind them everything this country have a good benefit for people who are living on American soil. America is your future and you are America’s future. Before it’s too late, we have to get together and show our spirit that we are people and bring America and Americans together that we are not only America’s country. America is world’s country. I need every American to join me and support me to unite America. I am going to say the same phrase to every American that it’s time to do something for America. Don’t wait for what your country will do for you like what John F. Kennedy said. God bless America and God may bless Americans.