16804016_1377528755650612_8650991942745809054_oMy Fellow Americans, during election 2016, Donald Trump was asking to America and American people: what we will lose when we elect Donald Trump? Let me explain to you what we have lost since we elected Donald Trump as our president of the United States. I’ve been driving at the Dulles International Airport since 2005. Since president Trump won the White House. Anytime I get International diplomat or visitors, they always ask me this one question: what is wrong with American people? Person who insulted America and American people all over the world. They hired him to work for them. Most of the times I’m speechless because American people and front runner democrat Hilary Clinton didn’t do a great job to deliver their message and actions to American people. Democratic Party underestimated Donald Trump like how the republicans underestimated him. I believe American people already started feeling what they have lost already to take Donald Trump to White House. Since Donald Trump went to White House, we’ve been dividing ourselves more than ever. To me, it is not presidents Trump fault. This is the fault of American voters. They didn’t participate with America and didn’t stand for America’s dignity and respect. It is easy to lose respect and it’s very hard to earn respect back. This is the reason, I want to show American people what a creative country America is, that I am taxi driver who is doing politics and delivering my message to all American humans as a Taxi Politician to unite America and Americans and bring the greatest country on earth back together. Remind all Americans that America is the greatest country on earth for three great reasons: loveĀ , freedomĀ , and religion. Come and join me to bring America and Americans to unite us again together. God bless America and Americans.