My fellow Americans, the value of America is going down because people are divided. What makes the country so special are the people. When the country citizens are working together and taking care of the country and people, the country value goes up. When people are separated and country doesn’t get attention from people, then the country starts losing its respect. When I came to America in 1988, there were so many Americans. Lately I can’t find American people because some are republicans and some are democrats. American people don’t realize that, that is the reason on why we are dividing. Since 9/11, I haven’t seen a single American doing anything to improve the respect of America and the quality of people’s lives in America. Some politicians want to build walls while other wants to build bridges. I am so embarrassed that no one wants to build a great relationship between country and people. It seems like America is connected to us and we are not connected to America because we have built the sound proof walls between us. It is preventing us from working together like American people. To me our first priority should be America. When America does well, every American citizen does well. When America goes through stress, every family goes through it. If we keep depending on our politicians, it will get out of control and America is a special country and there are our enemies looking for a great chance to take advantage and attack us. When we are divided, we depend on each other. Every single American I know, wants to work hard to take care of their lives and personal problems themselves. When it comes to the country we point fingers at one another and not considering to cure the division. I would like you to come and support me and to cure the division to show the world that we are still standing for America. We will do anything to bring Americans values back and bring American people’s respect back into the world’s eyes. I don’t understand why people are in America and why they are crazy about parties. Fortunately we have 2 great titles, America and Americans. All over the world, people know us as American people, but we aren’t acting like American people. It is time we work together and unite each other and show the world we still care about love, religion, and freedom. That’s why we are great people.