My fellow Americans, there are so many businesses and cab companies are in business but none of them represent America. It seems like we love of everything in heart and love of America is slipping out of our heart. It’s bad for the country and Americans. I’ve been driving taxi since 2005. People all over the world think that taxi is worse job but to me, taxi is not job for me but it’s my life. I have learned more in my life behind the wheel than in schools and college. People don’t value free education but I pretend that I will be student till I die. I put myself into people’s shoes to learn from my precious passengers. I have driven pretty much all kinds of people like congressmen, senators, and etc. Lately, I have noticed American people not participating in Americas activities and America is there for them and it looks like Americans gave up hope and getting rid of their responsibilities. There is so much government can do and there is so many things that American civilians have to do. We just got over with election 2016 and let me tell you people complain that “our politicians are bad.” We get bad leaders into politics when people of the country don’t do their job. It’s very important to do our job and vote for our country. We usutaxi-politally don’t have election to select leaders. We have elections for the future of America and American people lives. This election year, we did a poor job because we were tired of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. I am getting into politics to show the American people my education and skills I got from being a taxi driver. I have strong spirit and I am passionate to bring American people together because we are divided badly. This is the only reason, I am trying to establish my first business in America. Taxi politician taxi service and my taxi will remind everybody that we are in America and we have to dream about America and bring America’s respect back to the worlds eye, we lost respect this election year. Anytime in the future, we don’t have to give up on our country because our country doesn’t give up on us. First priority is to that We should consider that our country is the best home in the world. When the country is happy then every American is happy. When the country isn’t doing well then American people don’t well. Now we have to get up and unite ourselves with each other and show the world we are together. God bless America and God may bless Americans.