My fellow Americans, since America was attacked on 9/11, everything had fallen apart since then. So many Muslim people changed their names and lifestyles, especially Muslim men. They shaved their beards and did anything to prevent from being called Muslim. I don’t believe in changing myself, I would like to change the people. When 9/11 happened, I was driving for Manassas cab company. People got rough and tough with me and prior to 9/11 they used to see Santa in me. After 9/11 everything changed. People started calling me Osama Bin Laden. People pulled my beard and some American didn’t pay my fair they owed me. Some of my passengers cursed at me. My believe is that as long as I know who I am, I am okay with that. No matter what they are showing the media, I don’t follow the media. In today’s society, people are getting confused because of two reasons which is social media, and media. People believe that America is not a great country now as we went through election 2013. In America, unemployment average is 5% and if you look at surrounding countries, the unemployment rate is over 10%. American people aren’t grateful for what a great country Allah provided them with. Don’t get me wrong, but I just wanted to make sure that I am Muslim and it is my habit to say Allah in everything. So many people look for short cuts to establish themselves. I want to unite America by those reasons America was established for. Some of you may know, and some of you may not know what those principles are. Those principles are people, people, and people. American people pretty much have taken everything away from me because I have been discriminated by doctors, nurses, lawyers, my employers, etc. I still believe that America isn’t doing anything wrong to me. There are some good and bad people all over the world. It has been fifteen years since 9/11, and I haven’t changed at all. I was thinking to ignore it and go on with my life, but it was bothering me that I wasn’t sharing my knowledge with anyone. I felt as if I would be held on the day of judgement because I didn’t help anyone with my education. This is the reason I am running for advocate, to show Americans on what the meaning of a leader is. To me a leader is a public servant who gets hired by the country citizens to perform a job they want them to do. Lately I have noticed that our leaders don’t work and get guaranteed a salary. People who are boss are working hard. Somehow we need to take over our responsibilities back from our politicians and get involved in America’s activities and check with our employees on which we consider congressmen, senators, etc. To me people should be secured and protected, that is why they hired politicians, instead people of America aren’t protected politicians of America and all over the world are protected because they feel as if they are important people. They get protection from our money. I will show you how to unite people and bring the country together without me having a security team to protect me. I believe I will be working with you as a public servant, that’s why I picked my position like I’m your advocate. I will do exactly what Americans want me to do and for America. I encourage every American to sit down and think about how we would improve the quality of American people’s lives and bring America’s respect back as it used to be. I know it isn’t an easy task, and we have been divided for so long and it isn’t easy to bring every American back together. When a disease comes, it spread quick and to cure it, it takes time. I would like you to do the same I am doing to unite America. God bless America and may God bless Americans.