This is your Taxi Politician. I have been in America for almost 28 years and I have been seeing American people standing for republicans, democrats, etc. I have not seen anyone stand for a wonderful country like America. We have been building different walls and bridges between us. Every single American can feel it, but doesn’t want to stand and destroy the walls of division, color, and gender.

My intention is to bring every single American together and unite them.

This election year I have been seeing people standing for a corrupted politician. I am not seeing any American that would hope to stand for America. It seems like American people don’t value themselves anymore. It seems like every American is hopeless to unite America. I feel that I could unite America and I will do anything to show the world that America hasn’t changed, but the people have. It is normal for people to change, but I would remind every person that they have to care about their real home which is mother America. If America is happy, every single American will be happy. When America goes through stress, then Americans go through stress.

Please join, support, and sponsor me to unite America. Pray for me to unite America. I hope God may bring us together as one nation.