image2My fellow Americans, people all over the world signed the oath and they don’t mean anything by signing the oath. They just want to get degree, a diploma, or a citizenship. What I would like to mention here is, signing your oath means to be fully responsible of what you have signed up for. When I signed my American citizenship, I have the freedom to anything that I want in America, to raise a family, or anything in general. I also signed that I am willing to protect Americans and America and I’m willing to take a bullet for America. In today’s society our politicians took the oath and they don’t do exactly what they signed up for, because we are just following the system and not following the principle of the oath. It’s embarrassing that people want to get the benefit from the oath but when it’s time to do something for the country, they ignore it.

I am not a perfect politician, but I am learning my politics behind the wheel as a taxi driver. Usually people don’t value free gifts but to me, a free gift is everything because American people are providing me with great education and American people are excellent teachers. America is an open school to me. I am successful because, I put myself into people’s shoes and when I do that they deliver great knowledge. To me this is the only reason that I want to show American people that this is the only country in the world that you are able to bring your dream into reality and that’s why people all over the world call America, the land of opportunity. I am writing this blog because I want to show people that I accept my citizenship over 20 years and over, but I still remember what I promised to America and I am willing to show my actions as I write this blog. Since I came to America, I haven’t seen America divided more then ever especially during election 2016. I feel like to bring every single American together and make them break their silence and to stand for a great country because this country is standing for us, every day of the week. We need to stop pointing fingers to each other and get involved with each other and remind the great lesson of America. America is known as a loving country and we need to show the people that we are all one and we stand together. We need to show the world that America is united. Please come and support me for my cause to unite America and Americans. God bless America and God bless Americans.