image1-7My fellow Americans, this world is a beautiful place and there are some very special places in the world. I believe those special places are schools. To me American soil is an open school and there are people all over the world and the best people to me are teachers. In today’s society our athletes have more respect then teachers. It bothers me that people who are working hard to educate us and provide us great education and manners, we don’t respect them. It seems like teachers in America are underwater. Whatever I learned in my life, I learned in schools and I am trying to deliver my education I got from all those great teachers. They stood up and put up with me, they did a great task to teach me on who I am today. I feel as if we are supposed to respect our teachers more then our parents and relatives. Our teachers spend more time with our kids and do a great job to show us how to live our life in this world. When I was in Pakistan, I wasn’t a good student because our teacher punished us harshly.

When I came to America in 1988, I was not able to speak English. My main goal was to improve my English and education to live a great life in a great country named America. I am gifted as a person. In my life I believe in two great fields, religion and education. In my religious life I was very fortunate to find wonderful teachers. My belief was that if I respected my teachers, my Allah would help me to achieve my dreams. I am still a student and usually I learn from anyone. American people are great teachers to me. I have done all kinds of jobs in America, but the best job to me is Taxi. I’ve been driving a taxi since 2005. When I started taxi, I started in Prince Willam county. I got a good education from my Manassas cab company passengers. Fortunately, I started working for Washington Flyer taxi company at Dulles Airport. I had a great opportunity to serve all kinds of international and domestic passengers. Too many people think that taxi isn’t a great job, but for me it is treasure. I have driven congressmen, senators, etc. They have been educating me for the last 11 years.

image1-8When I came to America, American were like families. Now it seems as if we are divided. This is the reason I want to show the American people what a creative taxi job is. Whatever I learn behind the wheels, I would like to share with American people. I am confused that if I am a taxi driver and I can understand the principle of America…why are all those politicians and civilians forgetting what America stands for? Dividing people is easy and that’s why our politicians come up with ideas to divide us. I have a passion and spirit to unite people because I am not a person who believes in dividing people. I want to get attention from Americans that my intention is to bring every American together. I could’ve created an office, but I am not interested in offices. Unfortunately we have many offices, but none are helping us to unite. That’s why I am planning to create a special team for government officials and citizens to involve with them and bring America and Americans together. I am trying to deliver on what I was trained and educated through America. Now it’s time to remind Americans what they educated me for. They have forgotten what their lesson for me is to become as a citizen of America. I would like you to come and help me unite Americans and show the world that we still are standing for three reasons. Love, religion, and freedom. I need your support and help to unite Americans.