My fellow Americans, in America and all over the world divorces are taking place a lot because we are trying to switch the person, and we aren’t trying to resolve the problem we are going through in our marriages. Our attorneys are focused to make money and to them they urge people to go and get divorce. Divorce doesn’t resolve the problem, it just replaces the person. When a couple goes through divorce, the biggest impact is for their children. In my lifetime my best experience is when they are a happy couple and they have a happy family and marriage. We are so busy running behind our dreams and today’s biggest dream is based on money. I believe that we need money to live but we don’t have to live for money. When we live for money, we forget the prioritiesĀ  and the value of human life. It’s easy to get divorce but hard to spend life without resolving our problems. To me this isn’t a perfect world, but we can do so many things wisely to resolve our life problems by sitting down and realizing our mistakes, instead of pointing fingers on one another. When we point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at us. In today’s society, we want to correct everyone but we don’t want to fix ourselves, that’s why everything is getting out of control. Our politicians cannot fix our problems because they are there to benefit themselves and take advantage of our mistakes. This is the only reason I am not planning to create my offices and my position. My main goal is to get involved with Americans because Americans aren’t doing their homework to fix the country problems and our life problems that we go through everyday. Every American I spoke with are blaming and accusing our politicians but to be honest, it isn’t their fault that we hand everything to them and not get involved with them to clean up this mess we are going through. If we depend on our politicians we are wasting our time. We really have to get involved with America’s constitution and policies that America stand for. When American people start doing their homework we will be able to bring our respect and America value back into the world’s eyes. It’s easy to lose respect and value, and it’s very hard to bring it back. Since I came to America, I haven’t seen American people get involved and stand for America and human life value. We don’t have to wait for surprises, we have to get together before it’s late and unite us like one and show the world that Americans are standing for religion, love, and freedom. American people and America still stand against discrimination for anything. Please come and join me to advocate and unite America and Americans.