My fellow Americans, usually politicians run for offices and positions, but I am not really a politician. I am a taxi politician. In my life, I don’t like to get stuck behind the closed doors and walls. America seems to be a free country, and my occupation as a taxi driver is very independent. I have no official boss. All over America, election 2016, all politicians were buzzing about offices. Election 2016, insulted America because of bad manners. I believe, America’s system is one of the greatest. There is no problem with our system. Since I have been working all those years, with American people, I have figured out the problem in people. People blame the world, that the world isn’t changing, but the people are. Fixing the system is much easier then changing attitude of people. Since I was born, I haven’t seen any politician who wants to run for people and unite them. Leaders all over the world think that making money is easier to bring distance between the people. My experience is different. I believe that we can make more money then ever by bring people together, by having room in our hearts for one another. The best cure is to resolve all kinds of problems, is to have a great relationship with one another. People are following the media no matter, if it’s right or wrong. It doesn’t matter if they adapt bad information from it. My main intention is to correct the problem with getting involved with people and to remind people that having a strong weapon doesn’t make us strong. Having a great relationship with a country and people make us stronger and special. That is why I am not running for offices and I am running for two reasons, Americans and America. That’s All I need to unite America and show the world that having room in your heart is all you need. I am asking you to join and support me, and to help bring America into people’s hearts and minds and to remind them America stands for love, religion, and freedom. That’s why America is a great country. Let’s show the world that we are one country.