My fellow Americans, American politicians are in politics for themselves and their parties. It’s American people’s faults. American people have forgotten that, Americans hire them to do the work to represent America and Americans. We treat them like they are our bosses, that’s why bad politicians take advantage of our selfishness. They make their own decisions because we aren’t telling them what to do and we don’t get involved with America and politicians. America is one of the best countries in the world right now but we aren’t paying attention towards our country and respect of American people and their needs. Our politicians want everything for themselves like they are very important people. When we want them to do something for ourselves, they show us like they are paying out of their pockets. Average Americans are working hard and our politicians are barely working. They are getting their vacations and everything on time. Our lifestyles are going down because we are hopeless to look into each other like we are equal humans. It’s time to fix our problems. If we depend on our politicians and expect help to come from the sky it’s not going to happen. We have to get our acts together and get charged back into our control and tell our Politicians that they are our servants. This is the reason my main goal is to bring every American together like an American and treat everyone equally. That’s why America is special because of love, religion, and freedom. Come and support me to unite America and Americans.