My Fellow Americans, when politicians try to run for offices, they try to establish their offices. I love to unite Americans without creating offices bring division into our lives. Since I was born, I have seen that when politicians get elected and go to their offices, they shut their doors on people who elect them and they feel like they are above the people. I believe political candidates are our advocate to serve us instead of serving us, it seems like they want us to serve them. Let me explain since I started campaigning for taxi politician, I tried contacting State and Local Counties and unfortunately, I have no luck to reach them.

My main goal is to work with political candidates and local communities and religious groups like Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhas, and etc. This is the only reason, I am having great plan to  create special team to work with anyone in person, on the phone or via email. In order to unite people and country, you really don’t need fancy offices or be well dressed. I trust that action should be enough to satisfy American people. Let me tell you why, Prophet Muhammad delivered his message all over the world without having offices. He believed in strong relationships with people to bring unity. Some of you may believe in the devil or not believe in the devil, but I believe in the devil. When God gave life to the world. The Devil was jealous of humans because they got more respect than him. That’s why, he promised to God he will not any offices and he will be visiting everyone himself to make people do what he wants them to do.

Meanwhile, he is still very successful at what he’s doing without any offices and this is the only reason, I am considering to stay away from offices because I don’t want to elevate myself. Every human is created equal. I also want to mention, Politics and The Law was created from religion and that’s why Americans adopted those three principles: Freedom, Religion, and Love. Those principles are followed in America and I have not seen any other country following these rules and this is very hard task to unite American alone. That’s why I need help that i can get from anyone to unite America and Americans. I request every American don’t underestimate yourself. You can do anything. In this Generation, one person is equal to at least 10 people and having social media makes our lives much easier to stay in touch with each other. Please come and join me and re-energizer America.