My Fellow Americans, all over the world and America. We need major correction and what that correction is that voters all over the world and America. Especially in America, we are treating politicians like they are different from any average human being and we are devaluing ourselves and taking care of our politician’s life and security. We are paying everything for them and when it comes to our lives and security, our politicians pretend that they are spending their money to take care of American voters. Politics came into me to remind American people who they are and what their position is. Every American I spoke with, it seems like they are hopeless and they don’t know what they can do to bring America’s values and American people together. Let me explain what my task is to bring American voters back into their positions. American voters are in charge of our politicians. Several Centuries ago, voters hand over everything to the politicians and now, they are abusing their power to divide American people. They are doing a great job only for one reason because no matter if they are republicans or democrats behind the doors, they are united with each other but in public, they show off that they are divided. Republicans and Democratic politicians are having great life and living longer because they are not doing any work because we, American people are taking care of them really well. American voters are workaholics. They are working very hard to support America and American politicians are living healthy lives and  living longer but American people are very busy taking care of their families and themselves. We are doing this because of Americans have been divided by our wealthy and corrupted politicians. It is time to make this correction to bring all Americans and America together to defeat our sick politicians and unite American people and America to cure the division. My lifetime dream, that I have the greatest office to unite people not a physical office building but I would love to have room in American people’s hearts. That’s why, I am running behind for two great reasons: America and American people. When I get America and American people together, we will be able to show the world that we all are united and still standing for three great reasons: Love, Freedom, and Religion. That was the reason that America was established for. I am asking all Americans to support me to unite America and Americans. God Bless American and Americans.