politician4My fellow Americans, since I was born I have been watching people put distance in the world. Those people are able to selltheir idea to the world, because that is what people want. Lately, I have been planning to politician2unite America and Americans. The first thing I did was to complete my agenda on how I was planning to unite America. When I had completed my agenda, I emailed my agenda to the Virginia senator, Mark Warner. I emailed right after the Labor Day weekend, and I ended up never receiving my response. I called his office and I was wishing to see him in person. I was told I needed to schedule a meeting online, but I never got my response. I didn’t have any sort of luck meeting him.

politician1I also sent my agenda to the Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe and I never met him either. I live in Loudoun County, VA. Every single organization or group I contacted, didn’t  contact me back. Unfortunately, the election is over and all the work I had accomplished, did not help me in any way. All over the world, people are concerned about Global Warming, but no one cares about people distancing from one another. People who are selling discrimination, have the people around them are buying it.

politician3The great people in this world aren’t working to share love with each other, sharing love doesn’t cost anything. People are not doing anything to unite each other and I want to deliver my message all over the world, but I want to start from Virginia. I want to make a special organization to combine all types of people, and that is what America stands for. I may have to start working with the new administration.