My fellow Americans, since 2013 I am getting all kinds of experiences. Any place I go, it seems like discrimination is legal in America especially for needy people like me. I drive a taxi for a living and I was involved in a personal injury at my work. I hurt my shoulder and my neck. When I had the accident, it didn’t seem too bad. After several months of PT, my doctor did an MRI on my right shoulder, my rotator cuff, and my ac joint required surgery. My injuries were severe and I was trying to settle my case myself, but the person who hit me, his insurance company started getting tricky with me.

When things get out of my control, I hired a lawyer for contingency basis. He would get 33% while I would get 67%. Due to my accident, I lost a year and a half without work, and I also lost my own taxi business because my injury was taking a while. My boss terminated me . I told everything to my lawyer and my lawyer was not very helpful because the system was working fine but people follow the media these days. They believe what they see. My lawyer didn’t treat me like an American citizen and he saw me as a Muslim person. Since I had an accident, I lost everything. After I recovered from my surgeries, I returned to work and I was wishing to sue the person who ran into me. My lawyer kept telling me that I was a taxi driver and the jury people are tough and white, and the person who ran into you had a white insurance and how I might not be able to recover anything. I personally told my lawyer that I would like him to submit a lawsuit, but he wouldn’t do it.

Instead he was telling me that he would give me a discount out of his fee. After waiting for almost 2 years, whatever he advised me I agreed with. I promised myself that the system is working everywhere in America, but the people are changing fast and they aren’t doing their job accordingly and they are treating people differently. I feel like it’s time for me to get into politics and try to change people’s attitude and discrimination isn’t the right solution. Discrimination is going out the roof all over the world and great people aren’t breaking their silence. I decided to start uniting people and bring America together. Every person isn’t like me and that have education or experience and could handle the situation like me. Some people are weak and make the wrong decision but to me I am satisfied with myself. I don’t like to change myself because I am following the rules of America.

Fortunately they are working for me. I am the kind of person who believes that I have the ability to change people because I don’t like to point fingers to others, I like to show what I am capable of to bring every single American together like we are all one. So many people think that curing distance is impossible but to me it is hard and difficult but we can cure it. If I don’t stand I wouldn’t know if it will work or not. Since I started campaigning to unite America and Americans, I feel comfortable and I am getting more encouragement through my progress and the attention from people. It’s time for every American to stop depending on our politicians and to start getting together and to get involved with America’s activities and each other’s lives. It seems like love is dying out of our lives and growing of money is starting in our lives. I know we need money to live, but we don’t need to live for money. If we have money but no love, we cannot enjoy our lives. America is a great country because America was established on love, religion, and freedom. I am originally from Pakistan and I learned all those principles in America. I am trying to deliver this message to every American. If I can stand for America, why can’t people who are born in America stand for America. I am encouraging to every America to come and join me to unite America and support me for my cause to bring America’s respect back to normal in the world’s eyes.  I want to show the world that American people don’t believe in discrimination and also believe in love, religion, and freedom. Pray for me and America. God bless America.