My fellow Americans all over America, Americans are kind of confused. Since I came to the USA, the first time I saw people, they didn’t accept the result of 2016 election. I have no idea why. If that’s what America wanted, that’s what they got. I don’t know why women want to march and protest. It seems like I was in Pakistan, because when they have issues or trouble they protest and riot. If marching and protesting were working, Pakistan would be the best country of the world. Pakistan’s situation is getting out of control because people are divided badly and discrimination is very bad over there. It seems like in America people are carrying flames in their hearts. When I came to America and when I was getting my citizenship, Americans educated me that I am an American citizen. On my citizenship, it didn’t say anything about republicans, democrats, or moderate Americans. They accepted me as an American citizen. This is the only reason I am trying to stand for this precious country that trusted me and accepted me as an American citizen. Now I want to show American people that I will do exactly what I signed to accept my citizenship oath. I am surprised that Americans have forgotten what they educated me for. I believe that America is the employer and Americans are the boss of America’s politicians. Unfortunately, American people treat politicians like kings and hand everything over to our politicians and don’t check anything with them. If we would like to correct the problem, we will show our love and passion for our country and American humans. We have to get together to cure the distance from each other and show the world that American people believe in love, religion, and freedom. It’s time to do now before it’s too late. America is a precious country and American people are great people. Bad people are our enemies and we have to defeat them by breaking our silence and show them that there are greater people in the world who are getting together. We would be stronger then ever. I am appealing to every American that will come and join me to unite Americans and America and stand for a great country. God bless America. Pray for America and pray for me.