image1-2Every American knows that America is a great country, that is why we take it for granted. In America, life is very easy. When we start our Morning, we have many choices of foods to eat in order to have a healthy breakfast. We have different types of lunches and all kinds of options for dinner.

There is something for everyone in America. For American people, we have great public education and private education providers. In every section, we have many choices to choose from. Everyone is able to get their own type of job, and we have many choices to choose from for public transportation. Many people have their own cars. In America, we have many different plans to help needy people, like food stamp. If people cannot afford their own health insurance, they get assistance from state and local counties. As a matter of fact, if any person doesn’t have insurance, they can go to a local ER and are able to get medical attention. For example, if our political leaders violate the law they can be convicted and taken to court, because no one is above the law. In winter fortunately we have heat and in summer, we have air conditioning.

image1-3America is a mini heaven on Earth, and yet we still complain about everything. People who establish this country and sacrifice their life and loved ones, and we tend to walk above their blood and bones. We do not appreciate what they have done for this country. Let me take you to what life is like in Pakistan, which is where I am from. Some people in Pakistan do not have food to eat, some don’t have clothes to wear, some people don’t have shoes to wear,there are no human right concepts in Pakistan, and thousands of people do not have a roof above their head. Unfortunately, criminals are running in offices and there is no law for criminals. Pakistan’s officials are corrupted. When the weather is cold there, there is no system of heat to provide the people with warmth and protection and vice versa. There is no great public education for kids and no assistance for people in need. When people get ill, they cannot see a doctor unless they pay them up front. Discrimination is terrible in Pakistan, that is another reason why things are bad over there. It doesn’t seem as a country anymore. There is also no good public transportation in Pakistan. Reason for this blog, is for us to realize what we have and be grateful for what we have.

In Pakistan I wouldn’t have all the opportunities, I have in America as a taxi driver. Fortunately, in America I have an opportunity to share my ideas and thoughts as a Taxi Politician in America. I urge Americans to come and join me and help this great organization to establish. To unite America and show the world that this is a reason for everyone to have freedom of life. God bless America, and God may bring us together under one nation. Thank You