My fellow Americans, all over the world people think that Islam is all about jihad. Unfortunately Muslim people don’t know what jihad is. According to my knowledge there are two kinds of jihad, Jihad Akbar and jihad. Jihad Akbar is when Muslim people are supposed to do everything accordingly to the holy Quran and hadees, and they are supposed to obey Allah and Prophet Muhammad. Today’s society Muslim people think that the naming after a Muslim, makes them Muslim. It’s good to have a Muslim name, but we are supposed to have a Muslim character as well. Islam established one of the most important principles which is manners. Today Muslim manners are worst in the world, and Muslim people don’t know who they are. Some are Sunni, Shea, Barelvi, and Wahabi. All Muslims are terribly divided and instead of following Allah and Prophet Muhammad, they are fighting for superiority of others. Jihad Akbar is believing in Allah and Muslim people aren’t supposed to lie, cheat, and they do everything as a bad people. If you look around the world, Muslim countries are in trouble even though the majority in the world Muslims are killing each other.

In jihad Muslims aren’t suppose to kill other Muslims. They aren’t doing that for the sake of Allah. According to Quran in jihad we aren’t suppose to hurt women, children, or elderly. Bad people think that killing people brings them more money and they are doing so because the love of money is growing into the people’s hearts and minds. Love of people is dying out of the world because people forget about their death. Everyone thinks that having money makes them powerful, but to me no matter how rich they are, they have to die one day and we will be going out of this world empty handed. It’s hurting the world that great people aren’t doing their job and they aren’t breaking their silence to stop the violence, this world is precious just because of people. If you take people out of this world, this world will be nothing. I want to talk about this because bad people get involved with religion and usually people get emotional by two fields, religion and politics. Everybody today is following the media, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not or what they say or believe. I tried to stay away from media but some people call that fake news but to me it’s a lie. I’m standing to unite people because my religion Islam doesn’t educate me to hate any kinds of people. My Prophet Muhammad loved every person no matter what religion.

Unfortunately in today’s society, people don’t have the love of religion and nobody practices their religion because they think that there is no money getting education about religion. People want to have a bright future but they don’t know what they are missing on not having knowledge of their own religion. I study that any religion doesn’t allow killing, lying, cheating, etc. I request every American and Muslim people to start getting involved with each other and try to cure the distance. Believing is between person or God. It has nothing to do with each other. I am uniting people because when we are together, Allah is with us. When we are divided the devil is with us. I encourage everyone to not follow the Muslim media. Muslim people are there own enemy and they are causing trouble for others. Muslim people have to correct themselves first and everything will be fine. Pointing fingers doesn’t help. Jihad is the very last resort to solve the problem and in jihad there are rules. You request people with trying to resort the problem, and if you come with us it’s okay. If they don’t come and work with each other, then they ask for a fight. We cannot bomb innocent people or hurt anybody. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact taxi politician because he is irritated because of the amount of bloodshed around the world. I request all Americans to come and unite America, America is precious and we don’t want to have the same issue like Muslim people do. America is known as a freedom of religion and Americans are known as loving and caring people. This is the only country where we have the freedom of life. Every American should have respect for Americans. God bless America and Americans.