My fellow Americans, every time any politician gets into politics, they take the easy path to go to office because in today’s world every politician’s concern is money. Any politician I spoke with and any American I spoke with, their main concern was on what’s in it for them. It seems like people all over the world are becoming selfish. If they don’t see the benefit for themselves, they don’t take anything into consideration for the country’s benefit. In my early day’s when I came to America, there were America lovers everywhere. Since 9/11, I have barely seen people pay any attention towards the country. It seems like American people hand everything to our politicians and have forgotten that American people are the politician employer of our country. It seems as if American people are the boss.

Lately, I have noticed that we are treating our politicians, like they are above us. We still have some great politicians, but we aren’t participating with them. When they are in need of our help, we ignore them, which is bad for our country and people. This is the reason I would like to show American people because they may think I am not an American citizen. It doesn’t bother me because I have been dealing with this since I have been in America. I am so honored that America accepted me after they went through my paper work as an American citizen. Since I took oath and they educated me in my citizenship ceremony on what my responsibilities are for America and American people. This is the only reason I am standing to unite Americans when I feel American people are hopeless, that we will not be able to cure the distance between America and Americans. I have been doing my taxi politics since 2005 with my passengers all over the world. Finally I am doing this hard task to show the world what a creative country America is, that I am getting a great education about politics. American people are educating me all about the principle of America’s constitution and the rules and regulations. The best teacher in my life are the people that I have met and experienced. New people teach me a new lesson everyday. Some of you may think that it is hard to bring the people and country together, but I would like to share with you that bad message gets delivered fast and a great message takes time to deliver and spread. That is why our politicians take a quick solution to resolve the problem. I want to establish my taxi politician as a positive and great campaign for America and Americans and for people to come together. Every politician do their best to divide us with a different message, I will be a great choice to bring every American together. I will deliver my message with respect of America and Americans, and I will cure the worst disease of the world which is division. I ask every American to support me and to unite Americans and America because America needs your help and I need your help. Don’t look at the person, look at the message. Please pray for me and America. Please Don’t underestimate taxi politcian , like Republican’s were underestimating Donald Trump.