My fellow Americans, I live in Loudoun County Virginia. Loudoun County is an established county and the immigrant population is growing fast. Unfortunately, Loudoun County doesn’t have a human rights office. I work in Sterling, when my employer Checker Airport taxi wrongfully terminated me. I sent my application to VA human rights office, in Richmond. The commonwealth of Virginia law is that we can execute written offers. My company breeched the contract and my boss also gave me a written offer for a later time job. He refused to give me my job back again. Human rights office system isn’t working well and discrimination is getting out of hand with minority especially Muslims. The person who got my application, didn’t review my company contract and didn’t go through my application. I provided him with all the documents and legal paperwork. If he did, I would file the lawsuit against my company for two reasons, one for breeching the contract, and the second for my job. He didn’t see the person in me, he saw my religion and race in me. My life is so painful since 2013 and I lived far away from Richmond. Whatever he decided, I accepted his decision because my financial situation was tough then. I wasn’t able to drive because I went through herniated disk in my lower back and a couple of surgeries on my right shoulder. I wouldn’t write all that because it’s my personal problem, but usually people wonder why I want to start bringing people together. People say that the system is corrupted, for me the system is fine but the people are divided and follow the media.

Lately, I have noticed the fake media which is about lies. American people are very busy with their life and bills, they don’t have the time to pay attention towards the country and people’s lives. I believe America is a great country on world’s soil. People are working hard to make themselves look good but it’s hurting me that great people aren’t breaking their silence to correct the problems. Lately I have been working hard to remind people in America, that there is something for everyone, bad people are trying to change that. It should stop because America didn’t change any policies so why are people changing? To me it’s because we aren’t valuing the reason of love. Love is the cure for all problems, that’s why America was established based on three reasons. Every American should remember and follow those reasons, religion, love, and freedom. When I came from Pakistan, I didn’t know about any of it. I learned about all those principles by American people and America educated me when I got my citizenship. I encourage every American to get involved with America and bring America in to their minds and hearts and join me, support me to unite America and show the world that Americans and America doesn’t allow discrimination. We are all one people. God bless America.