My Fellow Americans, Our politicians have great health insurance and dental care for themselves. They also get guaranteed salaries once they get elected like senators and congressmen for rest of their lives. All that money come from American taxpayers. Since I was born, I’ve been reading books and studying the information. Politicians are our employees. Lately, it seems like we are slaves and they are our king because American have forgotten that American people hire them to represent us. We should be in charge and our leaders suppose to be working for us. They have all kind of protection and security for them but when it comes to American people with their health and life security, our leaders don’t feel comfortable providing us benefits we are suppose to get. America is the biggest country in the world and having serious issues with health insurance.

Lately, American political candidates making big issues about Obamacare. President Obama did not name “Obamacare” but the republicans labeled it as “Obamacare.” President Obama listed as healthcare program under healthcare but our politicians are getting tricky and showing American people that Obama is enforcing American people to purchase health insurance. I believe Obama is doing a great job because he loves Americans and their health. If I were president I would make the law for every American to have healthcare insurance. Let me tell you why, nothing is more important than your life and health. I’ve been driving taxi since 2000 and when I first started driving, I started from Manassas Cab company. It was a little city. On the weekend, usually American people spend from one hundred to three hundred dollars for consuming alcohol and it’s very bad for American people and our politicians don’t have any concerns about American people’s wallet. When it comes to health insurance, those people who are supporting politicians with their needs, they make big issue for hard working American people, middle class Americans¬† health insurance.

I used to believe that I didn’t need health insurance. Unfortunately, in 2013, I was sick and I got ill. When I got sick, I didn’t have health insurance because I was self employed. I was a member of Loudoun County Free Clinic if we didn’t have Obamacare, I would be dead right now because I had seven surgeries and I’ve been hospitalized so many times. Usually people don’t notice when they are healthy and don’t see the value of health insurance but now I know, having health insurance is a great idea. I believe so many people living healthy in America due to Obamacare. If you need any prove, I’ve been through pretty much all major Virginia hospitals. Since 2013, my life is about Doctors and medications. I encourage every American don’t follow media a lot because media have two kinds of media and most of it is fake and some of it is okay. It’s affecting the lives of American people because American people are very busy with their own lifestyle and what is worse is that great people not breaking their silence and bad people talking too much. Unfortunately, bad message flies like virus and great message takes forever to deliver. Let me give an example, when I got ill, it didn’t take time to get me sick. When it came to recovery, it took a lifetime to recover. I encourage every single American that your life is more important than money. Money can be recovered but life can not be replaced. So I encourage every single American, please come together and try to have health insurance for you and your loved ones because you could need it in your lifetime. Please have your leader to work for your health insurance to get approved for every single American. Every American life is very important and we should be treated like our politicians because we are important people too. So please come and join me to unite America.