My fellow Americans, lately it seems as if we are standing for color. When I came to the U.S.A. I believe people were standing for people only. Our media and politicians are doing a great job to divide us into color. To me every single human is equal. No white person is above a black person. All people are equal. Lately people in uniform are killing civilians because of their color. Unfortunately civilians are doing the same and it doesn’t resolve the problem. If you want to correct the problem, the right solution is to sit down and think about what this country stands for. America stands for love, religion, and freedom. People who feel their job is to divide people and hurt great people, they feel that they are going to make money discriminating people. People who are selling discrimination, they are well and united. Great people are separating themselves.
You may feel as if I’ve been repeating everything, I myself agree with that. Unfortunately people have short memory. This is the only reason if you go through any religious book, you will see that things repeat to remind people what is the right path to stay on. In today’s world everywhere you go, the media doesn’t leave you alone. We American people have a busy schedule and do not have time to sit down and check whether the media is telling us the truth or not. This is our job to follow the principles of America. America hasn’t changed any rules and regulations for any specific people. America is still standing for three great reasons and every American should practice and discuss with each other. Those great three reasons are religion, love, and freedom. I need help from every American to come and join me and to remind people that we are all equal. We have to respect each other the way we want to be respected. I am open for you opinions and thoughts to bring America together. If you have any questions or concerns about uniting Americans please come and join me to show the people of the world that America is one standing nation.