My fellow Americans, I wish I were a dog in America. American people provide a great life for their pets. Sometimes I get jealous of dogs and pets. America says that America has the best medical help in the world. I was ill in 2013 and when I got ill, I didn’t have medical insurance. I was a member of Loudoun County free clinic. The free clinic staff used to send me to UVA. When my health got worse, my free clinic doctor helped me get medicate. I live in Ashburn, and my doctor’s office was very close to my home. I switched the doctor because my free clinic doctor decided not to accept medicate anymore. My doctor was white and it seemed as if he was very friendly, but Allah knows the heart. When I went to visit for the first time, I gave him all my test results. I told him about my issues and my main issue was Thyroid Nodules. They were elevated. I kept asking him to check my Thyroids, but he kept sending me to different doctors for different reason. After several months, I asked him on to why he wasn’t doing anything for my Thyroids. Finally, he ordered a biopsy for me. The biopsy results were positive. I believe that he wasn’t looking at me like a patient, and he was doing the same thing like every American has done to me since 9/11. He got my biopsy results for over one year and he didn’t discuss anything with me. My metabolism and my diabetes kept going high. Anytime I had complained about my dizziness, he would send me to Neurology. I had a brain MRI and everything was negative. I never had any heart problems since I had the Thyroid issue, my heart pulse kept going up. My dizziness was out of hand. Since he didn’t do anything, I personally made an appointment with an endocrinologist. He was working within the same office. When he saw my report, he was shocked and said I was supposed to have surgery last year. I said I wasn’t able to do anything because my doctor never informed me. If my primary care payed attention to my issue when I started complaining about my Thyroid, they would be in control with a pill. Since doctors look into patients like a customer, if the patient had good insurance they took care of them very well like, our politicians have great health insurance. I wish every American could have same kind of health insurance for them. I wasn’t really looking for thyroid surgery, but I had to get it anyways. There was no other option. Due to my Thyroid problem, my heart was stopping and I was passing out. This is the reason I also had another unnecessary surgery for my pacemaker. Now my heart runs on a pacemaker. I came into politics, since 9/11 I have been to every single department to get help and to resolve my issues, but I dont get assistance. My appearance doesn’t make people believe, that I am American. I am doing this to bring anyone who is discriminating, to justice. I have figured out America’s system works well. The problem is going on in people’s minds. We follow social media a lot. I wasn’t trying to bring my personal life into politics, but so many people are wondering why I want to unite people. Prior to 9/11, life in America was like having life in mini heaven. My dream is that I bring every American together like it was before 9/11. I know I chose a hard path, but I have belief in Allah that I will bring my dream into reality. Me doing this alone will make it difficult, but if people join and support me we can unite America and show the world that America still stand for love, religion, and freedom.