My fellow Americans, since I have came to America. Every election, we’ve been building different walls between us and it’s not getting any better. It seems like America is connected to us but every single American is distancing from each other and especially, it’s coming from our political parties. They use to play together and solve our issues like American. Now lately, I don’t see that they act like Americans. If our leaders aren’t united, how could they unite American people.

I feel like politics came into me to show the American people that politics do not educate people to divide. Politics is very respected education. That’s why bad politician take shortcut and deliver their message through the media because they don’t think that they could be elected to the political offices doing great task and show us their good intentions. Let me give you an example, when people get ill. They get ill all of sudden to cure the illness, it’s a long process to cure. Our politicians and American citizens are doing great job dividing and distancing between us and I will advocate people. What is an advocate? Advocate is public servant usually advocate go to the people. People don’t come to advocate because the people are the employer of public servants that’s why I like to work with Officials and every citizens of The United States of America. My main goal is to destroy the walls between us and cure the distance. I encourage every single American to join me and support me. Pray for me and America. America is standing for us and we need to stand for America.