My fellow Americans, My daughter, my sisters, and all the hardworking women are working very hard. The way I see it, women shouldn’t work because they are under paid. To me we should be treating them equally because they are working harder then men. Some of the women are single moms and some are students. If we encourage them to work, we should treat them equally. They are no different from men. My entire life in America, I have been noticing that women are mistreated because of gender gap. America has no policy for any women that won’t be getting equal rights. America encourages all countries for human rights, but we aren’t paying attention in our own country and treating hardworking women. I am confused on to why we aren’t focusing on this important matter. As a Taxi Politician, I can feel the difference between men and women’s salary and why congress isn’t fixing the issue. American women aren’t getting involved in politics, they think that politics aren’t an appropriate field. When men make the law, they make their own laws. No one reviews anything, and I encourage the hardworking American women to correct the problem. There are bad people controlling the system, and they aren’t following the principles of America. I encourage every woman to get into politics. If good people don’t get involved in politics, we cannot correct the issue. Since people are divided, men and women have to get together to unite America and Americans. I urge every hardworking woman to come and join me and help cure the gender gap. I need your support and America needs your support.