corruption My fellow Americans, people all over the world complain that system is corrupt. According to my studies and knowledge, usually system all over the world work very well. System is controlled by the people and people who are corrupt, they abused system behind the desk. Most corrupt people feel that it is the only way to make money is to take shortcuts and do tricks to show the world that system is corrupt. Lately, division is getting out of control because every citizen of the country is not getting involved with country and politicians. It seems like American people hand everything over to congress and senate and don’t participate with candidates. What are they doing to manage the country? Our leaders are hired by American people. To me, they are our the employee and we are suppose to be the boss but we are very busy to take care of our jobs and family and worried about bills, mortgage, and other expenses because we feel like our home mortgage is first priority and we become sort of selfish to care about ourselves and families.

corruption2American People greatest dream is owning a home in America but they don’t realize if our country don’t do well. We are not going to do well. This is the only reason, countries falling down due to country and people don’t work together. Anytime, we separate our self from politicians then corrupt politicians take advantage of our people not paying any attention to the country. It is the responsibility of every American citizen to have dreams about America, “how could we make America a better place?” Every single American, I spoke with have dreams about themselves and everyone is complaining about corruption but no one is standing to stop those people who are corrupt and we are not taking any action against them. It looks like we are becoming hopeless to take care of corruption but I urge every American before it’s too late, we have to get together to correct the mistakes that we have been making again and again. This is the only reason, I am working very hard to get involved with American people and also political candidates. We have to get on the same path to bring America and American together to show the world that we are united. I need your help to complete my dream to show the world that America is one standing nation.