My fellow Americans, every American and our politicians thinks that America is divided. To me, that is wrong. Election 2016, President Obama and our political candidates were telling all over the world, America is divided but I believe it is not divided yet and it may not be divided. Let me tell you who are divided…our politicians. Unfortunately, they are doing good job dividing American people. Since, I came to America. I have not seen America insulted prior┬áthis election 2016. We showed the world, we are more divided more than ever. Anybody who want to run for office especially White House. They believe that if they do negative campaigning, American People consider that person strong and supportive but I want to prove the world that I want to unite America and Americans by following politics is educating to show the people who I am by my actions and want to start my campaigning by optimistic manner. I will be setting up

I will be setting up new way of campaigning by following basic principles of America and polite as I can be. Usually, people think politics is bad. I know that politics is a great field. I really think bad politician makes it look bad because of corruption. I believe we still have some great politicians. We need to stand with our good politicians to get rid of the bad politicians out of offices. For example, election 2016, we didn’t do our job to support our country because we are divided. Every American I spoke with had a concern was, “what’s in it for them?” I remind every American that your country was in it for you. When we have happy country, we’ll have bright future. We’ll have a bright future when we come together as one country, under god. I am appealing single politician and every single American that they need to join me to unite America and Americans to show the world that America is not divided. God Bless America and May God Bless Americans.