Reading through this page gives visitors a look at the thoughts and ideas of Taxi Politician’s political theory and idea of what is happening today. It may be political corruption, or it may be some thoughts on the good things that are happening in the Washington, D.C., and Northern VA communities.

What Political Issues, Thoughts, And Resolutions Are On The Mind?

I’m an old fashioned politician. I’m not public yet, but I’ll be in the public soon if an organization sponsors me. We will make America look good again, and in turn, America is going to make us look good. That is how America is. Please join me. Help me. I need you. America needs you.


Hello Americans: Hard working women and men, come and join me because this gender gap has got to go; the pay gap has got to go.
I came to American politics because America has been serving me since 1988. Now, it is my turn to serve America and Americans.

Say hello to each other, and talk about America with your friends and family. It is our country.

I want to wake up Americans, shake up Americans. It seems like we don’t have any feelings or ideas for a great America.


Hillary Clinton may lose this election for:

  1. being a woman
  2. email scandal
  3. ’08 loser
  4. Bill’s wife
  5. gender gap

American men think that women are weak people.

I am doing this for two great reasons:

  1. America accepted me as an American citizen, so under the oath, it is my job to protect America and Americans.
  2. I would like to do something special for America and Americans, so that I can be remembered in their prayers and their hearts.

Republicans are very funny people. They went to war in Iraq, which made us lose thousands of American soldiers. Also,┬ámany Iraqis lost their loved ones, which did not seem like a big deal for Republicans; but to Iraqis, the Benghazi situation is a very big deal. Unfortunately, we lost five Americans’ lives in that.

Republicans have wasted seven million dollars.

Political leaders need us Americans. Leaders come and go. Americans don’t go anywhere. America stands for us; we need to stand for a great America and American government and politics today.