Have you ever been so passionate about something you would make it your life mission? It’s an incredible feeling to love something so vehemently that it is always on my mind and in my conversations.

I’m Akhtar Raqeeb, the Taxi Politician, and I am passionate about America and its wellbeing. I’m also passionate about driving people in my taxi to wherever they need to go. To combine these two passions, I am aspiring to create a taxicab business that allows me to interact with and be a public political advocate for the locals in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and hopefully the whole Nation.

America is a very creative country, and I want to show the world what it means to be an American. All too frequently, the media and other politicians are wrapped up in the hate and violence. Instead, we need people to be who they are, to be the great Americans that smile at each other, lend a helping hand, and do what it takes to run a successful country.

If you keep up with my political website, you’ll be the first to hear loving and free messages from me, as your advocate for involved political activism. Standing around and waiting for something to change should happen no more. Complaining about the broken system instead of advocating won’t make a difference; so join me and my independent organization to make a change.

Tune into these videos to hear my activism thoughts and campaign ideas. Thank you for listening, and if you’re in the Northern Virginia area, hopefully I can give you a ride in my taxi. If you feel inclined to donate to this great advocacy cause, Taxi Politician appreciates it. We can do this together, America. We can live in a beautiful country and be happy with our political system.