Graphic representation is great technology, isn’t it? As you can see, I’ve digitally placed myself in various settings as I share the messages of an independent politician with big dreams. America, we have some work to do. Political activism isn’t an easy task, but it is one to which I am dedicated.

These comic boxes are a digital representation of where Taxi Politician is headed. With your help, I can visit schools, businesses, baseball fields, parks, national monuments, and public gatherings to spread my passion for helping grow America and change the political systems currently plaguing Washington, D.C. and, consequently, the rest of the country.

The graphic representations highlight some of my most important political activism messages. I hope to spread these through Taxi Politician as I help drive people to and from their destinations.

Common Political Activism Themes

Dream About America

Americans, please, dream about America. It is not enough to wish the country was better and expect other people to take care of it for us. We must envision a better country and then act on those dreams. America is there for Americans, and now it is time that Americans are there for America. We must care for our lands and our political systems.

Love Each Other

Before 9/11, everyone smiled at each other and was friendly and welcoming. Now, everyone is hardened and pessimistic. I call you to love each other. With love comes peace, and with peace comes a successful country that can help guide the rest of the world.