image1_origThis is your Taxi Politician, Akhtar Raqeeb. I was called to politics because, today, Americans are more divided than ever. When I came to the US, it was a friendly country, and Americans were polite and helpful. I also could not speak any English. I got my first job here with Hyatt Regency Hotel in Crystal City as busboy. This was when Bill Clinton was President of the United States. The job market was great: surpluses and very little discrimination. It felt like Americans were my family.

In Pakistan, we did not have the concept of smiling, so I had trouble smiling. Every single American I met encouraged me to smile. American soil has been an open school to me, and Americans are great teachers. I always work with American people because l like to improve my English. They were good enough to teach me English. I believe I’m a gifted person. I run into good people who are very educated and very kind people. When I came to the America, I had a beard, and Americans used to call me Mr. Santa or Mr. Great Man. I was seen in people’s eyes like a person. I did not miss my home country. Bill Clinton’s presidency was best time of my life. Everything was affordable: gas was 89 cents a gallon, and everything was cheap. It was easy to find jobs without higher education. There were more employers than employees. America, for me, was like having heaven on Earth. I was so glad I was in an honest country. Even the President, Bill Clinton, was held accountable for his actions when he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Unfortunately since 9/11, though, everything has changed. 9/11 was a nightmare for American history. People said that the world has changed, but I believe the world is the same and American soil is the same, it is just the people who are changing. People are forgetting that America still has the same principles prior to 9/11.

old-americaUnfortunately, George W. Bush brought hatred to America. His main goal was for war and terror only. He forgot that his country and people are supposed to be his priority. He forgot all about America. Instead of fixing America’s issues, he went to war in Iraq. That was a poor decision. The Bush Admin. did a bad job. When America does well, so does the world. America went through the worst depression and bad economy, and we were paying $4+ per gallon of gas, the housing market bubbled, and Bush bailed out mortgage builders. These are the reasons we Americans are America’s future, and I want to unite the American soil.

For these reasons, I want to establish Taxi Politician: to remind people prior to democrats, republicans, or anything, we are first and foremost Americans. Instead of standing for corrupted leaders, we have to stand for America. America stands for great Americans; that is why we are known as Americans. We need to bring our respect back into the World’s eyes. I know it’s a difficult task, but if I can stand for this country as a Taxi Politician and I learn behind the wheel, people who are born and raised in America should get together and break walls between us and America. Join, support me, and join America. As a public advocate for the people, I am trying to do this all over the country. I want to bring back the Old America. Anyone can sponsor or support me, and we will make America look great again together.