My name is Akhtar Raqeeb, and I am a Muslim American. I came to the United States on December 18, 1988. I worked various jobs upon coming here, from busboy to server. I started driving a taxi in September 2000 in Prince William County, VA. I have not looked back since. Ever since I started driving a taxi, I have driven Americans from all walks of life, all backgrounds and occupations. I have driven men and women in uniform, secret service, FBI, teachers, Republicans, Democrats, activists, independent voters, White, Black, Arab, Latin American, the rich, the poor, the drunk and sober. My passengers have been my teachers, and my taxi has been the classroom for me. I am grateful to have received such a gift, the gift of an education from my passengers.

America has been serving me for over 27 years. Now, it is my turn to serve America and Americans. I did not want to get involved in American politics because prior to coming to America, Pakistani politics were taking a turn towards the violent side. It had left a bitter taste in my mouth. Now, being in America, I am realizing the importance of being involved in politics. America has offered so much to me, and I cannot turn my back on it. America is a special country, and the life I have here is better than the life I had in Pakistan.

I am able to live like a king here. I am proud to be an American. I am a taxi driver and the only source of income for my family. My wife does not work. I have four children. My oldest is in her third year of college. My oldest son is attending a community college. My other daughter is starting high school with my youngest son. I am glad my dreams and dreams for my family are coming true in America. It would not have been possible in Pakistan. As a taxi driver, I tell my passengers that America is not just a great country, it is heaven on earth. I took an oath that I will do anything to protect this country. I have been promising my passengers that I will wake and re-energize Americans. America deserves everything in its offering. To make progress with Taxi Politician as a political organization, advocating for American politics, I plan on meeting local officials, such as the mayor, leaders, and counsels. I am planning on starting at our local high school. I want to be accessible to everyone. Stay tuned to my blog to keep up with my progress.