Taxi Politician is an independent politician in Northern Virginia who sets out to help Americans from all walks of life, from schoolteachers to taxi drivers. Taxi Politician aims to start a new taxi company that will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, especially in the rural areas where it is needed most. This will help the economy because it will open new jobs and also allow Americans to be more mobile. Moreover, it will allow the people to connect to American politics through a conversation with the driver, who is also a public advocate for making America like the Great Old America it once was.

Taxi Politician wants to redevelop America, which means uniting America and making sure Americans love and value one another. This will be done by teaching each other to love regardless of race and religion. Taxi Politician will teach the importance of uniting religions – from uniting Muslims to Buddhists and any other religion. Similar to walks for causes, Taxi Politician will drive from state to state, city to city to teach love and unity to Americans, so that Americans can be reminded of what it means to be an American. Remember the good ol’ days, America, and take a ride in my taxicab to learn more about me as an independent politician.