1. My Lifetime Dream

    My fellow Americans, since I was born I have been watching people put distance in the world. Those people are able to selltheir idea to the world, because that is what people want. Lately, I have been planning to unite America and Americans. The first thing I did was to complete my agenda on how I was planning to unite America. When I had completed my agenda, I emailed my agenda to the Virginia se…Read More

  2. Prediction About Election

    My fellow Americans, since I started to plan about uniting America, I had a feeling that Hillary Clinton would lose. When I launched my website, I mentioned about Hillary's reasons to lose. In America, usually election is the name of the ball game. When they noticed who was going to lose, last moment Americans changed their minds and supported the person who was winning. That is the reason why Hil…Read More

  3. Is the White House only for men?

    My fellow Americans, I am from Pakistan. Pakistan leadership is corrupted, and they believe in dictation. Pakistan does not claim that it is a free country and Pakistan opened its doors for a first, elected female Prime Minister. Her name was Benazir Bhutto and she was elected for office in 1988. I believe as a female leader, she did a good job. I had an opportunity to go to India, and I believe I…Read More

  4. The Good and The Bad

    According to my experience and knowledge, all over the world there are more great people then bad people. To me there are no terrorists in the world. I am saying this, because no matter what anyone does, they should be considered as people. Great people are usually giving up, because of their differences and they become selfish and leave it up to others. They consider that as if it isn't there job…Read More

  5. Life In America vs. Third World Countries

    Every American knows that America is a great country, that is why we take it for granted. In America, life is very easy. When we start our Morning, we have many choices of foods to eat in order to have a healthy breakfast. We have different types of lunches and all kinds of options for dinner. There is something for everyone in America. For American people, we have great public education and priva…Read More

  6. Stand for a great America

    This is your Taxi Politician. I have been in America for almost 28 years and I have been seeing American people standing for republicans, democrats, etc. I have not seen anyone stand for a wonderful country like America. We have been building different walls and bridges between us. Every single American can feel it, but doesn't want to stand and destroy the walls of division, color, and gender. My…Read More

  7. My Fellow Americans

    Fellow Americans, this is your Taxi Politician, Akhtar Raqeeb. I have been here in America since December 1988. I haven't seen any election in my entire life in Pakistan or America. It seems like America people are divided more than ever since 9/11. Unfortunately, American people think that Muslim people don't like Americans. I know there are some bad Muslims, but there are bad people all over the…Read More

  8. I Want My Old America Back

    This is your Taxi Politician, Akhtar Raqeeb. I was called to politicsĀ because, today, Americans are more divided than ever. When I came to the US, it was a friendly country, and Americans were polite and helpful. I also could not speak any English. I got my first job here with Hyatt Regency Hotel in Crystal City as busboy. This was when Bill Clinton was President of the United States. The job mar…Read More