1. Marketing for Taxi Politician

    My fellow Americans, our politicians run for offices for America and American people give opportunity to work for them to make America a better country. Politicians who live in America, benefit themselves who live in America with our money and help. When it's time to do something for America, they aren't concerned about America. Our politicians gives their businesses to China or India because they…Read More

  2. Complain About Corruption

    My fellow Americans, people all over the world complain that system is corrupt. According to my studies and knowledge, usually system all over the world work very well. System is controlled by the people and people who are corrupt, they abused system behind the desk. Most corrupt people feel that it is the only way to make money is to take shortcuts and do tricks to show the world that system is c…Read More

  3. Love Distributors

    My fellow Americans, there are so many people to bring distance into our life and country. People used to think that life is more important then money because we can replace money, but we cannot replace lives. I feel that corrupted politicians have more concern for money then they have for life. Having difference is very good for the people, but not working together is a bad idea. Bad group of peo…Read More

  4. I will wake Americans up

    < My fellow Americans, every time any politician gets into politics, they take the easy path to go to office because in today's world every politician's concern is money. Any politician I spoke with and any American I spoke with, their main concern was on what's in it for them. It seems like people all over the world are becoming selfish. If they don't see the benefit for themselves, they don't…Read More

  5. Destroy The Wall

    < My fellow Americans, since I have came to America. Every election, we've been building different walls between us and it's not getting any better. It seems like America is connected to us but every single American is distancing from each other and especially, it's coming from our political parties. They use to play together and solve our issues like American. Now lately, I don't see that they…Read More

  6. America is Not Divided

    My fellow Americans, every American and our politicians thinks that America is divided. To me, that is wrong. Election 2016, President Obama and our political candidates were telling all over the world, America is divided but I believe it is not divided yet and it may not be divided. Let me tell you who are divided...our politicians. Unfortunately, they are doing good job dividing American people.…Read More

  7. My Campaigning Begins Now

    My fellow Americans, in America elections are over, but my campaigning is starting now everyday until I die. Every American I spoke with that American people are divided, they agreed with me. It seems as if American people are hopeless on who's going to unite them. When we need money, we work hard and if we need to we get an extra job to take care of our financial needs. I have spoken to senators,…Read More

  8. Discrimination Distributors

    My fellow Americans, I love two fields in my life. Religion and politics. I believe that politics is not bad, since I was a high school student in Pakistan I have been following religion and politics closely. Politics does not bring distance between people, unfortunately politicians do that. Politicians are supposed to be working for public community, but people all over the world put themselves i…Read More

  9. No Office For Taxi Politician

    My Fellow Americans, when politicians try to run for offices, they try to establish their offices. I love to unite Americans without creating offices bring division into our lives. Since I was born, I have seen that when politicians get elected and go to their offices, they shut their doors on people who elect them and they feel like they are above the people. I believe political candidates are ou…Read More

  10. Mosque, Church, Temple, Gurdwara

    My fellow Americans, I am a Muslim American. During the election of 2016, Muslim people were nervous about Donald Trump running for president. I was campaigning to unite Americans, and I went to the Mosque to meet a committee member to gain Muslim support. They didn't allow me to announce my agenda there, and they told me they're (501) C3. They told me, they didn't support political candidates in …Read More