1. What’s In It For Me?!

    My Fellow Americans, I am not a big politician but I am American taxi politician. I feel like I am not American taxi driver but it seems like I am international driver because I've been driving American people and international people from Washington Dulles Airport. Fortunately, I get along with my passengers very well. Any passenger I spoke with American or foreigner, when I ask them about their …Read More

  2. I Didn’t Go For Hajj This Year

    My Fellow Americans, in our religion Islam, People are supposed to go to Hajj. When they have extra funds. Usually every year, muslims spend millions of dollars to go to hajj but their hajj doesn't help them because when needy people in need of help. Before I explain my reason, please don't get personal. I am Muslim and I believe in Allah. We are supposed to help and support them because Allah lov…Read More

  3. Taxi Politician Taxi Service

    My fellow Americans, there are so many businesses and cab companies are in business but none of them represent America. It seems like we love of everything in heart and love of America is slipping out of our heart. It's bad for the country and Americans. I've been driving taxi since 2005. People all over the world think that taxi is worse job but to me, taxi is not job for me but it's my life. I h…Read More

  4. Cure The Gender Gap

    My fellow Americans, My daughter, my sisters, and all the hardworking women are working very hard. The way I see it, women shouldn't work because they are under paid. To me we should be treating them equally because they are working harder then men. Some of the women are single moms and some are students. If we encourage them to work, we should treat them equally. They are no different from men. M…Read More

  5. Discriminated By My Doctor

    My fellow Americans, I wish I were a dog in America. American people provide a great life for their pets. Sometimes I get jealous of dogs and pets. America says that America has the best medical help in the world. I was ill in 2013 and when I got ill, I didn't have medical insurance. I was a member of Loudoun County free clinic. The free clinic staff used to send me to UVA. When my health got wors…Read More

  6. Wrongful Termination

    My fellow Americans, I could be in the news in 2013-2014 because of my personal matters and my life is all about doctors, hospitals, and lawyers since 2013. I didn't want to come into politics for my personal matters and I didn't want to share my personal matters with everyone. 9/11 ripped me apart. March 1st, 2013, life got me and I became very ill. I lost work for 6 months, that time I was worki…Read More

  7. Double Standard

    My fellow Americans, America is a precious country. Since I came to America, people have been changing when I came to America in 1988. American people used to tell me that "this is America and when you see people, you smile." I really believe that it does make difference in people's lives when we respect and love each other. Lately I have noticed, people are having flame in their heart instead of …Read More

  8. My Life After 9/11 In America

    My Fellow¬† Americans, some of you think that 9/11 is over and some others think that 9/11 has never happened. Hundreds and Thousands of people go through 9/11 and nobody knows about it. Let me tell you why I'm sharing this information with you what is the reason to establish Taxi Politician Independent Organization. Prior to 9/11, life was excellent in America for the Minority community and it wa…Read More

  9. Schools and Teachers

    My fellow Americans, this world is a beautiful place and there are some very special places in the world. I believe those special places are schools. To me American soil is an open school and there are people all over the world and the best people to me are teachers. In today's society our athletes have more respect then teachers. It bothers me that people who are working hard to educate us and pr…Read More

  10. Does Color Matter?

    My fellow Americans, lately it seems as if we are standing for color. When I came to the U.S.A. I believe people were standing for people only. Our media and politicians are doing a great job to divide us into color. To me every single human is equal. No white person is above a black person. All people are equal. Lately people in uniform are killing civilians because of their color. Unfortunately …Read More