1. Donald Trump and Taxi Politician

    My fellow Americans, election 2016 was the worst election year since I came to America. Donald Trump insulted America all over the world by spreading negative campaigning to go to the White House. Politics came into me because Donald Trump and one of my Muslim brother's that is the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. His actions were worst then Donald Trump and came online and insulted Donald. I was trying …Read More

  2. Jihad

    My fellow Americans, all over the world people think that Islam is all about jihad. Unfortunately Muslim people don't know what jihad is. According to my knowledge there are two kinds of jihad, Jihad Akbar and jihad. Jihad Akbar is when Muslim people are supposed to do everything accordingly to the holy Quran and hadees, and they are supposed to obey Allah and Prophet Muhammad. Today's society Mus…Read More

  3. Signing The Oath

    My fellow Americans, people all over the world signed the oath and they don't mean anything by signing the oath. They just want to get degree, a diploma, or a citizenship. What I would like to mention here is, signing your oath means to be fully responsible of what you have signed up for. When I signed my American citizenship, I have the freedom to anything that I want in America, to raise a famil…Read More

  4. My Lawyer Discriminated Against Me

    My fellow Americans, since 2013 I am getting all kinds of experiences. Any place I go, it seems like discrimination is legal in America especially for needy people like me. I drive a taxi for a living and I was involved in a personal injury at my work. I hurt my shoulder and my neck. When I had the accident, it didn't seem too bad. After several months of PT, my doctor did an MRI on my right shoul…Read More

  5. Human Rights Office Discriminated Agaist Me

    My fellow Americans, I live in Loudoun County Virginia. Loudoun County is an established county and the immigrant population is growing fast. Unfortunately, Loudoun County doesn't have a human rights office. I work in Sterling, when my employer Checker Airport taxi wrongfully terminated me. I sent my application to VA human rights office, in Richmond. The commonwealth of Virginia law is that we ca…Read More

  6. Is Money Everything?!

    My Fellow Americans, all over the world, People are running behind money because people feel to cure everything with money. People think that we can take care every single problem with money. From my perspective, people should need money to live their lives but don't have to live for money. Back in the days, people were having priorities for love and human lives. In today's society, people concern…Read More

  7. Health Insurance Is a Lifesaver

    My Fellow Americans, Our politicians have great health insurance and dental care for themselves. They also get guaranteed salaries once they get elected like senators and congressmen for rest of their lives. All that money come from American taxpayers. Since I was born, I've been reading books and studying the information. Politicians are our employees. Lately, it seems like we are slaves and they…Read More

  8. The Value of America

    My fellow Americans, the value of America is going down because people are divided. What makes the country so special are the people. When the country citizens are working together and taking care of the country and people, the country value goes up. When people are separated and country doesn't get attention from people, then the country starts losing its respect. When I came to America in 1988, …Read More

  9. Standing Strong Since 9/11

    My fellow Americans, since America was attacked on 9/11, everything had fallen apart since then. So many Muslim people changed their names and lifestyles, especially Muslim men. They shaved their beards and did anything to prevent from being called Muslim. I don't believe in changing myself, I would like to change the people. When 9/11 happened, I was driving for Manassas cab company. People got r…Read More

  10. Room In Your Heart

    My fellow Americans, usually politicians run for offices and positions, but I am not really a politician. I am a taxi politician. In my life, I don't like to get stuck behind the closed doors and walls. America seems to be a free country, and my occupation as a taxi driver is very independent. I have no official boss. All over America, election 2016, all politicians were buzzing about offices. Ele…Read More