1. Need Correction

    My Fellow Americans, all over the world and America. We need major correction and what that correction is that voters all over the world and America. Especially in America, we are treating politicians like they are different from any average human being and we are devaluing ourselves and taking care of our politician's life and security. We are paying everything for them and when it comes to our l…Read More

  2. What We Lost?

    My Fellow Americans, during election 2016, Donald Trump was asking to America and American people: what we will lose when we elect Donald Trump? Let me explain to you what we have lost since we elected Donald Trump as our president of the United States. I've been driving at the Dulles International Airport since 2005. Since president Trump won the White House. Anytime I get International diplomat …Read More

  3. President Trump 2 Big Lies

    My Fellow Americans, this is your Taxi Politician. I don't know what is wrong with American people especially Hilary Clinton and democratic politicians. Our president Donald Trump was lying during election 2016 and now, is election over. He is still lying and I'm wondering if American people are awake or not? I don't know. To me, since I came to America in 1988, America has been great and America …Read More

  4. 9/11 & Iraq War

    My Fellow Americans, this is your Taxi Politician. How great democrats and Democratic Party was? They were suppose win the White House and Obama was doing a great job and country was getting back on track. America was doing well under Obama administration and unfortunately, Republican Party underestimated president Trump. He defeated them and the democrat party and Hilary Clinton underestimated Tr…Read More

  5. Benghazi Attack

    My Fellow Americans, according to our country, election should be over by now and trump administration should pay attention to this precious country and precious people. It feels like we going through election. Republicans did win the White House and they are still talking about Benghazi attack. Republicans already spent approximately $7 million dollars in the past. Now, they are paying more money…Read More

  6. Safe Marriages

    My fellow Americans, in America and all over the world divorces are taking place a lot because we are trying to switch the person, and we aren't trying to resolve the problem we are going through in our marriages. Our attorneys are focused to make money and to them they urge people to go and get divorce. Divorce doesn't resolve the problem, it just replaces the person. When a couple goes through d…Read More

  7. Muslim Taxi Politician

    My fellow Americans, Islam is a great religion, but unfortunately the follower of Islam in today's society they are corrupted. They have forgotten who they are and they thinkĀ  verbally accepting Allah and Prophet Mohammad makes them Muslim. We have to physically show our actions to the world and Muslim people aren't bad people. All Muslim people aren't bad but unfortunately the media and some of …Read More

  8. March Protest

    My fellow Americans all over America, Americans are kind of confused. Since I came to the USA, the first time I saw people, they didn't accept the result of 2016 election. I have no idea why. If that's what America wanted, that's what they got. I don't know why women want to march and protest. It seems like I was in Pakistan, because when they have issues or trouble they protest and riot. If march…Read More

  9. Community

    My Fellow Americans, I am not planning to build my office because offices are not working to resolve our distance in between us. This is why I am planning to build community center for my politics work. Usually, community centers reunite people and bring happiness into our lives. In Taxi Politician Community Center, my main purpose will be to share the ideas and thoughts what America and American …Read More

  10. Politicians for Themselves

    My fellow Americans, American politicians are in politics for themselves and their parties. It's American people's faults. American people have forgotten that, Americans hire them to do the work to represent America and Americans. We treat them like they are our bosses, that's why bad politicians take advantage of our selfishness. They make their own decisions because we aren't telling them what t…Read More